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Rotary pneumatic marking machine

Type: TZ-QD-LX
model No. 400W Power
cooling system:

The pin under the compressed air to shock slightly and high frequently, at the same time the computer control the 2D system and order the pin move as the required, then mark words or graphics on the parts surface.


Remove the rotary chuck, then it can be used as a plane pneumatic marking machine; The stepper motor control the rotating chuck; standard chuck to hold and fix the parts. Windows operating system, powerful software functions, easy to learn to operate; can edit any words and graphics; The pneumatic marking machine has the function of automatic printing date and serial number; 2D work table adopts precision mould casting, linear rolling guide, self sealing, self-lubricating bearings, high reliability; can work under the bad environment, no consumables. The machine has high reliability and stability, simple operation.


Item Name

Rotary pneumatic marking machine

Item No.


Standard marking area

170mm*100mm (customized)

Lifting height

320mm (customized)

Marking speed


Marking depth

0.01-2mm (according to material)

Pinhead hardness


Air supply


Power dissipation


Chuck size



Suitable for steel, copper, iron, aluminum alloy, plastic and other metal and non metal plate parts of plane and cylindrical parts were marked on the surface. It is widely used in automobile and motorcycle accessories, machinery and equipment, flange, electrical equipment, metal fittings.