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About the software

About the software

We will enclosed the EZCAD software manual with the machine, (in English version) to you, which is easily understood and handle by the customer.

Software Function:

lUsers can design their graphics freely.

lVarious types of fonts are supported. Such as TrueType, SHX, JSF(Single line font defined

lby EzCad2), DMF(Dot Matrix Font), One-Dimensional bar code, Two-Dimensional bar code , and so on)

lFlexible variable text: changes the text real time while in laser processing. Excel datasheet is supported.

lCan through the serial port direct read text data

lCan through the network direct read text data

lStrong node editing function make the curve modification more easier

lThe software can support 265 “pencils”, which used to draw graphic and can be set different processing parameters.

lCommon types of images are supported. (bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif…)

lCommon vector images are supported. (ai, dxf, dst, plt…)

lImage processing (Grayscale, White / Black Transformations)

lPowerful hatching functions, such as support round hatch.

lMore convenient IO operations and more easier to harmonize the auxiliary equipments.

lSupports the dynamic focus (3 axis processing system)

lSupports directly the SPI G3 fiber laser and the newest IPG_YLP and IPG_YLPM fiber laser

lAn opening language supporting system makes it easy to run the software in various

llanguages platform.
And if you need the EZCAD software manual file by mail, please kindly let me know. It is my pleasure to serve for you.